Database, NoSQL RDBMS vs NoSQL Databases Explained!

This is abhishek in this video. We will be talking about what are the differences between an rdbms database and a new sql database. We are a little late in creating this video, because no sql databases have been there since a while. Now and mobodb is one of the most popular example im pretty […]

Database, NoSQL Azure Cosmos DB Tutorial for Beginners | Globally distributed NoSQL database | K21Academy

It gives high speed at any scale and is apt for fast and flexible app development. In this video we will be covering overview of cosmos db. What exactly is azure cosmos db, creating an azure cosmos db? What are the request units choosing a partition, key, creating a database and container in cosmos db […]

Database, NoSQL : SQL vs. NoSQL

Thank you so much for joining my presentation today. My topic is nosql concepts and evolution. Thats the umbrella topic and my project partners are marta coden and taylor white, and i will be going on going over later on what they will be discussing. So my specific topic is sql versus nosql. What are […]