FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, Data center, Naoki Yoshida P Responds! AETHER IS LOCKED DOWN! NA and EU Servers HITTING CAPACITY!

I mean server transfers, They are looking into long term and in their words, large scale, solutions. Yoshi P, who is the producer and director of final fantasy 14? I know a lot of newer player. Viewers might not be super familiar yet just issued a brand new letter to the community that once again […]

OVHcloud, Cloud computing, Data center This Is Absolutely the Best European VPS Host in 2021 (and maybe the world)

Finally, glad i got around to doing it because i found out that one of these vps options outshines the rest, and that includes your vps options in the united states in terms of bang for your buck. So let’s go ahead and get on into the video all right guys, like i said, we’ll, […]