Speedplay, Wahoo Fitness, Cycling power meter New Wahoo Speedplay pedals + Powrlink Zero Power Meter pedals confirmed

So really exciting news for those of us like myself, who have been waiting for a speedplay powered me to pedal for years and years, so everyone finally coming no details at the time making this video they will be called the powerlink zero. The price i’m told will be competitive with other power meter […]

Speedplay, Wahoo Fitness, Cycling power meter POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter: Announcement Analysis

That speedplay, of course, are these uh pedals and its entire pedal brand and way back and it’s, like prime speedplay had a ton of different pedal varieties, but as part of the acquisition, one of wahoo’s main goals was to simplify it and they did that they brought It down to four core speedplay […]

Speedplay, Wahoo Fitness, Cycling power meter New WAHOO Speedplay Pedal Range // Speedplay Power Meter Announcement

And yes, there is a power meter option. First up a quick overview of the speedplay pedal system. They are typically aimed at the road and triathlete market with dual sided clip in, except for the aero model, which has an aero base plate on the underside. They allow for zero through to 15 degrees […]