Warframe, Digital Extremes, Cross-platform play Play and Cross Save coming to Warframe | Mobile Announced Tennocon 2021

It was well, the new war reveal was far and away the biggest reveal of tennocon 2021. Another really massive piece of news that was slipped in just before that reveal was that warframe is finally getting cross play and cross save well. It was made clear that this is actually still in development and […]

Warframe, Digital Extremes, Cross-platform play hat is Going On With Cyberpunk 2077?

So in this video i want to go over what exactly those were. One of the first ones is the story around the biggest update ever just recently ads started popping up describing the biggest update yet for cyberpunk. The ads popped up on seemingly facebook, as well as instagram and the phrasing on this […]

Warframe, Digital Extremes, Cross-platform play Play and Cross Save Announced (In Development) | TennoCon 2021

So not only do we have warframe the full experience on mobile but cross play as well. So warframe is running fully let’s go see this let’s. Take a look at that teal. I love don’t. You guys love my colors, i don’t know if i know the color scheme, what do you mean it’s […]

Warframe, Digital Extremes, Cross-platform play, 2021 MMO Weekly Recap #459 July 16th – Genshin Impact 2.0 Next Week, FFXIV Endwalker Benchmark & More!

0 featuring 3 new playable characters, Expect a ton of counter attacks and dodging from the 18th character added to Vindictus Alliance. Tournaments are making their way back to EVE Online and, even though it felt like not that long ago, for some of us Phantasy Star, Online 2 is actually celebrating 9 years running […]

Overwatch, Cross-platform play, Blizzard Entertainment NEW Overwatch Crossplay CONFIRMED! NEW Widowmaker Skin!

. So over the past few weeks we news little by little about a big feature and, like i predicted, we just received the official announcement that overwatch is going to become crossplay, meaning pc and console players can play with each other.. Aaron keller posted a developer update on the overwatch youtube channel, making […]