Critical Role, Dungeons & Dragons 2E27 E28: Matt Tries To Kill Frumpkin

Three squeaks is my son’s been compromised. Please come rescue me i’m dying in here. Please come get me i’m, not going to do three squeaks because i’m going to hold it together and i will come out. Yes, absolutely you are a strong, powerful, furbolg bolg. Are you sure you don’t know poohat soul? […]

Critical Role, Dungeons & Dragons Monsters of Wildemount Set II – D&D Critical Role WizKids Prepainted Minis

Bidet little goblins Today were looking at Critical Role. Monsters of Wildemount Set 2 from WizKids, and many thanks to them for sending it to us to review.. This set has some really incredible: sculpts that Im looking forward to showing you. There are fewer minis in this set than in the last one. But […]

Critical Role, Dungeons & Dragons : Monsters of Wildemount Udaak Premium Figure Unboxing | Nerd Immersion

You can see i’ve got a big old collection here of critical role, monsters of wild mount sets of minis from wizkids. They were nice enough to send them over so i’m gon na start unboxing them for you, it’ll be a couple of different videos. What we have for this one is the udoc […]