Lockdown, Australia, Sydney, Coronavirus NSW expands COVID lockdown as Delta variant spreads 'far faster' than expected | ABC News

Today, the lockdown initially restricted to four local government areas in sydney will be expanded to greater sydney, the blue mountains, wollongong and the central coast. The restrictions will begin at 6 pm today and extend until at least midnight on friday, the 9th of july. Well for more. We are joined now by reporter […]

Lockdown, Australia, Sydney, Coronavirus OVID Delta variant outbreak | DW News

The new restriction of restrictions affect more than 5 million people in and around the australian city. At least 80 cases have been reported so far most have been linked to a limousine driver who was infected while taking an international flight crew to a quarantine hotel. The country remains largely unvaccinated here’s. What the […]

Vaccine, Novavax, Inc, Coronavirus San Diego's top stories for June 14

Everyone glad you’re with us here: i’m eric connor, i’m stella scabido we’ll get to the heat in just a moment. But first we are getting word of a 3.3 magnitude earthquake. It happened just before 5 30. This morning, eight miles north northeast of borrego springs. So far, no reports of any injuries or […]

Vaccine, Novavax, Inc, Coronavirus highly effective vs COVID-19: #WakeUpCLT To Go 6/14/21

We’Ll get to the news in just a moment, but first let’s get a check of that forecast with larry sprinkle and it’s going to be a warm week. Larry it’s going to be a hot, especially today, close to 90 degrees, maybe in the low to mid 90s in a couple spots, rock hill, […]

Vaccine, Novavax, Inc, Coronavirus Former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb on post-vaccine heart inflammation symptoms

joining us right now is dr scott gottlieb he’s former fda commissioner, and a cnbc contributor. He also serves on the boards of both pfizer and illumina his new book, uncontrolled spread by covid19, crushed us and how we can defeat. The next pandemic is out in september, dr gottlieb. This is pretty concerning report. […]

Coronavirus, Severe acute respiratory syndrome Episode 19: What Do New COVID-19 Strains Mean for Infection Control?

. Some people might have referred to them as new variants or new mutations, and you might also have heard that these new variants or strains are spreading among people even more than the old strains. What does this mean for infection control? Should we be doing things differently for new strains of virus? The […]

Coronavirus, Severe acute respiratory syndrome 5: Evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

here to answer. Our questions is who’s, dr maria van kerkov. Welcome back to the show maria thanks for having me maria. What is the latest information on the sars kovi ii variants, who, with partners, are currently tracking three virus variants variants of concern that are circulating around the world? The first is the […]

Coronavirus, Severe acute respiratory syndrome Global COVID 19 Wrap

I am bosses this week. I bring you highlights of news which dominated headlines with regards to the chronovirus pandemic, but before we delve into it, let us have a look at some global stats. The world currently sits at over 126 million cases, with over 101 million recoveries and over 2.7 million deaths now […]

Vaccine, Coronavirus mployers require employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine? | KVUE

Also next week, the department of state health services is expected to ship more than a million first doses of cover 19 vaccine to providers all across texas and with shots soon becoming more widely available. We wanted to know. Can employers required employees to get vaccinated, kv’s darnisha herring once again spoke with an […]

Vaccine, Coronavirus EU stops short of coronavirus vaccine export ban – BBC News

The measures had been under consideration at a summit of the bloc’s leaders, but after talking over video link until late on thursday evening, they decided instead to back tougher controls on exports of jabs made in the eu two third countries. Similar measures already exist, but have only been used once it seems that […]