Solar flare, Sun, Coronal mass ejection Is our sun going into hibernation?

Such events are often uncommon and weak during solar, maximum they’re at their strongest and most frequent magnetic field fluctuations on the sun can happen on drastically different time scales, ranging from seconds all the way to billions of years. When astronomers speak of a slowdown or a period of quiescence in the sun’s activity, […]

Solar flare, Sun, Coronal mass ejection Forecasting the Weather…on the Sun

. They last around 11 Earth years and feature events like sunspots and solar flares. Instead of blizzards or dust storms. And last year, scientists announced our Sun entered a new cycle, but they disagree on how intense it may turn out to be.. Our Sun is mostly made of hydrogen and helium plasma, a […]

Solar flare, Sun, Coronal mass ejection A Light Graze and the First Radiation Storm of Cycle 25 | Space Weather News 06.02.2021

, those stories and more in the news this Music week. This space weather forecast is sponsored in part by millersville university. Come get certified in broadcast space weather visit, swen, although the space weather this week, isn’t quite as exciting as last week, region 2824 has still been up to its old tricks. […]