Coral reef, Great Barrier Reef, Coral bleaching snakes use their rattling tails to trick animals. Here's how

These are some of the stories we talk about on this episode of scientifics. I am mohan abbasu and every week on the prince scientifics, i take you through some of the top science stories of the week from across the globe. Rattlesnakes vigorously shake their tails to warn other animals of their presence, but […]

Coral reef, Great Barrier Reef, Coral bleaching Science Week & Help the Great Barrier Reef

I have been lucky enough to spend a great deal of time on the reef, both as a dive instructor and as a visitor after being introduced to the virtual reef diver program. I was amazed by how easy it is to get involved when i head out on the water. All i need to […]

Coral reef, Great Barrier Reef, Coral bleaching NEW Crew SAILS to The Great Barrier Reef ⛵️ Expedition Drenched Season 2 Ep11

It was the perfect opportunity to give sylvia a makeover with some exciting upgrades, such as lithium batteries and all new electronics, an 8 kilowatt generator to help pump tanks and run our new water maker, designing and strengthening the exhaust bracket and a little reminder of our past. Putting up the beautiful wood carvings […]