Mars, Venus, Conjunction d Mars Conjunction July 2021

Venus is the goddess of love and mars. Is the fearless warrior while they come together exactly on july 13th, we are going to feel the merging of these two energies for about a week on either side of this date. When venus and mars come together. We experience a rebirth of their energies and […]

Mars, Venus, Conjunction What's Next In YOUR Love Life? 👀 💘 The Venus-Mars Conjunction For Your ZODIAC SIGN✨ | July 2021

This isn’t, like the great conjunction of 2021, but the exact date of the conjunction is july 13th. So you can already start to feel this energy manifest, especially when you’re watching this video, i think it’s, probably like july 9th, but um it’s within venus and mars. Right now are within five degrees of […]

Mars, Venus, Conjunction d Venus Conjunct July 13th: Passion and Love

So we’re going to talk about the effects of these two brilliant planets coming together. But before i do, i always want to remind everyone to go to my website and sign up for my free newsletter, which is and while you’re there check out my beautiful spiritual jewelry, where i have prayer, malas […]