Electronics, Computer, Computer recycling How to EXTRACT GOLD from electronics Hard Drive

Just look at how red hot it gets. Music, an inferno and inside incredibly hot, if you thought, you’d seen a big pair of tongs before check these out a two man pair of tongs to lift up that giant crucible. If there was gold in that scrap, it’ll be mixed in to that molten […]

Electronics, Computer, Computer recycling The easiest and cheapest way to find classic computer treasure: Scrap Yard Fridays

At my favorite junkyard let’s see what’s in the pickup bed, the mystery pickup bed. If anything yeah. No, this might be uh. This might be a bad friday. There is not much in here, it looks like the same stuff that was in here last week. We’Ve got, we do have a server Music […]

Electronics, Computer, Computer recycling /scrapping for cash – green small metal socket motherboard

Uh let’s see what are we we’re working on a dell? We got a big old dell here, it’s a says: pentium 4 ht windows xp, all right so let’s get on in there. This one looks like it’s going to be a pretty classic kind of scrap out man it’s a warm one here […]