GIGABYTE, Power supply, Computer Power Supplies, Power supply unit, Computer hardware g a PC Step-by-Step! (not a tutorial)

Food, as the name suggests they do food news, videos recipes all that jazz and they also stream they actually stream a lot to their twitch channel, including their their kitchen league series, which is fantastically entertaining highly suggest. You guys check it out. Uh they reached out to me a few months ago because […]

GIGABYTE, Power supply, Computer Power Supplies, Power supply unit, Computer hardware 30K – 35K BUDGET Future UPGRADE READY (Back to School) 1080p Gaming PC Build Guide 2021

For that lets have a quick look samantha parts in appealing for this build and thats a description for the cpu. I got the amd ryzen 5 3500, which is a six core six thread processor, then my base clock, speed, the 3.6 gigahertz and a boost clock. Speed of up to 4.1 gigahertz, it […]

GIGABYTE, Power supply, Computer Power Supplies, Power supply unit, Computer hardware Restoring a "DUMPSTER" Gaming PC! – PCUC S1:E3

We saw the pc ultra clean series and we want you to just give this pc some real tech. Yes, ultra clean, loving and i was like okay well uh. They said: look we want to help you out for your services, so my friend is a naturopath, so he actually is going to be […]

Computer, Computer hardware, Quantum mechanics Simulating Quantum Circuits on Classical Hardware using FPGA – Kevin Jofroit Joven Noriega

I will explain the meantime. What is the meaning of fpga? I think thats, one of you already know about it. Well, okay, perfect lets. First, talk about programming in hardware, how you programming in hardware, commonly we usually programming in software that are commonly the most easy way to to do it. But first […]

Computer, Computer hardware, Quantum mechanics "People Should Be Preparing, This Is So Serious" – Elon Musk WARNING (2021)

If theres, some digital super intelligence and its optimization or utility function is something thats detrimental to humanity, then it will have a very bad effect um. You know it could be just something like getting rid of spam, email or something its like concludes well. The best way to get over spam is to […]

Computer, Computer hardware, Quantum mechanics g! See Google, IBM and Intel’s Labs (supercut)

Quantum computing represents a fundamental shift because it harnesses the properties of quantum mechanics and gives us the best chance of understanding the natural world. Music. Music, classical computers have enabled just amazing things, but one of the things we dont often talk about is all the things they cant do right. We talk about […]

Advanced Micro Devices, Microsoft Windows, Intel, Windows 7, Central processing unit, Computer hardware, Steam Your PC Work with Windows 11?

Everyone welcome to my latest video. Well. This was sort of a follow up to my recent short that i did on the same subject, which is windows 11, which is scheduled to come out in the fall. That has a lot of controversy about that new version and whether or not it will work […]