Olympic Games, Gran Turismo, Competition Why BeamNG.drive is The Most FUN Car Simulator

The amazing thing about this sim is that you don’t need to load up a ridiculous, hypercar and drive it around at 300 kilometers per hour to get excited. But then often you can actually have way more fun by doing the complete opposite, trying to wrangle a broken down mess of a car that’s, […]

Olympic Games, Gran Turismo, Competition Sport – No Respect – FIA Manufacturer Highlights

If you haven’t, already subscribed to channel make sure you subscribe hit that notification button and give this video a thumbs up, if you do enjoy it, and let me know in the comment section how your races went. What you think about this video when we get to the incidents that we’re going to […]

Olympic Games, Gran Turismo, Competition Sport: Dirty Dailies Race B – Awesome racing at Dragon Trail seaside [21-05-2021]

There will be some cursing shouting finger, pointing and a lot of denial, but rest assured it’s, just all in good racing fun. I do not dislike any of you and i’m sure i’m not trying to offend anyone, but just so you know it’s, just jelly old me with lots of frustrations and anger […]