Mass Effect 2, BioWare, Commander Shepard A Simple Guide To Commander Shepard – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

You are a highly trained military maestro after all, i’ve got nothing more to say to you. If you shoot me my team’s right through there, how about goodbye, paragon and renegade are supposed to balance this out, but renegade is what you’ve just seen and paragon is the hard choice of insulting killing and […]

Mass Effect 2, BioWare, Commander Shepard ASS EFFECT LEGENDARY EDITION [Female Shepard meets Harkin] 4K 60FPS PS5

Yours, why don’t you sit your sweet little ass, downside old heart have a drink, see where this goes maybe later suit yourself princess. You know if more marines look like you, i might have joined the alliance instead of seasick harkin right, i was told you could help me find someone a turian c […]

Mass Effect 2, BioWare, Commander Shepard #47 – Mass Effect 2 [LP]: Ein Wiedersehen mit Liara

Ich habe ich gemerkt 60 trotzdem noch ein bisschen zu viel, fr beides ja, wir gehen gleich mal zu alternativer und gucken mal was noch nass haben kommt dass er folgen wir uns, erst wir, knnen ja, gleich sieht auch mal, hin, kaufen, das, braucht, dafr, nur, einen, vertrag Und eine verzichtserklrung mal wie sich […]