Coin, Fortnite How To Get GOOD GUY Emote For FREE! (How To Complete ALL Free Guy Quests In Fortnite)

Just a few moments ago, fortnite just announced a brand new collaboration between them and also free, a guy and tonight a free guy skin will be coming out on august 12th at 8pm, eastern and also with that announcement. They just announced that if you complete five quests from atms, you can unlock a […]


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Coin, Fortnite how to get Good Guy emote – ALL FREE GUY Quests in Fortnite

You need to get hit by a car. Okay. So to done this challenge easily guys come here for any other locations that contain a car, and you may do from sync from two either ask your friend to hit you with the car like who message hit me move move forward, yeah easy like […]