Cloud storage, Cloud computing Veris Lite Introduction Demo

It has been serving tier 1 csps in the past decade. In recent years, air spilling has received a massive technology overhaul, so today we’re proudly introducing verse, lite a user friendly, highly robust and streamlined cloud native platform. Being cloud native brings us tangible benefits now on amazon cloud, we have a more flexible […]

Cloud storage, Cloud computing Wasabi cloud storage tutorial | Creating buckets, users, policies, and practical usage example

If you are looking for an alternative to amazon s3 it’s, a good option i have already created an account with waspi signing up with wasabi is a fairly simple process. I have written about all that in my detailed review on my blog. I will include the link to that in the description below […]

Cloud storage, Cloud computing Part 17 – BTEC Level 3 – Information Technology – Cloud Storage & Cloud Computing

Now people seem to get these wires crossed because they’re so closely linked and obviously because they have the word cloud in them as well. So cloud storage, um, storing files such as photo well, storing files, online, there’s, professional use and there’s personal use right i’m. Not going to dive too much into that, […]

MSP360, Cloud computing, Backup software, Remote backup service, Computer Up Retention Policy in MSP360

This policy determines how many data versions are going to be kept and for how long the default retention policy can be applied to any number of plans. And if you need specific settings, you can customize the retention policy within a plan to change the default settings for an endpoint proceed to the remote […]