Cloud computing, Security Talking Cloud Native Security with Chris Hertz of Rapid7, Part 01

Thanks for having me absolutely hey, we got a fun topic um to chat about today on what is a two part, video series, and that is cloud native security. I’Ve always enjoyed chatting about the topic with you and uh boy. There’S been some real shifts around cloud insecurity we’re going to get into, […]

Cloud computing, Security Intro to Cloud and Cloud Security

Soort get started with us de clubs. Van de first things. You can talk about dan ook in het zal, wel, weer, eens de cloud, dat, sowieso, big question words de cloud, armor esquina question to a group of people, but two decades go live earth; kanten 63 urban de scrub, en group of highly […]

Cloud computing, Computer FirstCloud Endpoint Security Solution

The frequency of endpoint vulnerabilities is also accelerating the increasing use of byod personal devices, such as smartphones tablets or laptops, provides an attractive point of initial access for cyber threat actors to the network, corporate data or user credentials of many businesses. Any threats that gain a foothold by this method can move laterally […]

Cloud computing, Computer Explained

My name is mama philos bennusry um, today, i’m gon na explain about cloud computing. So what is cloud computing simply put cloud computing? Is the delivery of computing services, including server storage database, networking software analytics and intelligence over the internet? The cloud to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of skill, so […]

Cloud computing, Computer Explained for School and College Students

So you know the cloud competing: updating, video video cloud, computing cloud, plus computing, operina cloud and structuring of various kinds, a possibilities for a period of mine, so so computing, so so doing computing in cloud opera, not in our local computer.

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Cloud computing New controls to govern the Power Platform | Deep Dive with CVP Charles Lamanna | STUDIO40

Now, with so many organizations now using microsoft’s power platform, we’re going to review the latest governance capabilities, and this includes more granular data loss, prevention controls, enhanced visibility through new tenant, wide built in analytics and, more so, charles welcome back to microsoft. Mechanics thank you for having me it’s, always great to be […]

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Cloud computing New Azure Offerings to Accelerate Migration of your SAP Landscape to Azure | SAP TechEd in 2020

I’ve been in the cloud space for 15 years.. I lead the Products Team on SAP on Azure. And today, I’m very excited to walk you through all the new great product offerings we’ve been working on in Azure to help you accelerate the migration of your ERP systems to S4Hana.. So let me start […]

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Cloud computing Prevent sophisticated attacks: leverage Microsoft Defender in Microsoft Cloud App Security

Today. I want to discuss new capabilities that we added as part of the integration of MCAS with Microsoft. Defender.. Our data shows that more than 1000 Cloud services are used by end user and that more than half of those are unmanaged and go unmonitored by IT.. This makes the Cloud one of the […]

OVHcloud, Cloud computing, Data center This Is Absolutely the Best European VPS Host in 2021 (and maybe the world)

Finally, glad i got around to doing it because i found out that one of these vps options outshines the rest, and that includes your vps options in the united states in terms of bang for your buck. So let’s go ahead and get on into the video all right guys, like i said, we’ll, […]

Google, Google Workspace, Cloud computing 1.3.2 The Internet, Hosting & the Cloud – Revise GCSE Computer Science

So what is the internet? Well it’s. A global network of networks, so we have the idea of a network and if we connect them together and they go across the whole planet, then it becomes the internet all right. So that is what the internet is. A global network of networks and some of […]