Vacuum cleaner, Cleaning, Dyson Sheila the Karcher T9/1BP Hybrid Commercial Vacuum Cleaner – First Look & Repair!

She might even be stolen, i dont really know, but ive certainly got the proof that i paid all legal good money for little sheila here. So lets have a look at what she comes with and work out. What is wrong with her, because sheena blesser is not fully functioning on all cylinders. Eddie […]

Vacuum cleaner, Cleaning, Dyson How To Clean And Maintain The Dyson Micro 1.5kg And How To Stop It Pulsing

5 kilogram cordless vacuum cleaner. Now, if you ever suffer with the dyson uh with things like the pulsing or it loses suction, then some of the cleaning tips i will show you should be able to help resolve the problem. All id normally say just before we start is. Please give us a quick […]

Vacuum cleaner, Cleaning, Dyson How To Clean/Untangle Your Dyson Roller Attachments

So we got a few different ones. Here we got the the hard floor like your tile and your hardwood and laminate, and then this ones your carpet and then this ones, your upholstery and your stairs. So the only things were going to need are small pair of scissors flat edge screwdriver. If you […]