Fortnite, Citizens band radio yberpunk 2077 – You Won't Believe What CDPR Has Been Focused On…Fans Are Furious and Frustrated!

You know what let’s double down on that and they posted their launch trailer for this game right here check it out. As you can see, i kind of forgot about this game. It is called the witcher monster, slayer and it’s coming out here on july 21st. I have no idea if any of […]

Fortnite, Citizens band radio Alinco DR-135 or CRT SS6900N Radio. Which is best ?

I hope you’re well watching this video right we’re going to get some action from the radio in a moment. But what i want to talk about on this video is a question that has been coming up recently more and more in the comments and it’s mainly about people wanting to come back to […]