Chromebook, Samsung Group How I got GREAT DISCOUNT on Tab | Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite Unboxing | Samsung Student Advantage.

This is krishvu so recently i have got this new samsung galaxy tab, so this video is about how i got nearly 33 discount on this tab. This tab goes to around 32 000 rupees, but i have gotten it for 22. 000 rupees, so it also have a stylus with it. So this is […]

Chromebook, Samsung Group Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch Unboxing, Tutorial & Comparison To Moto360

. Now both the gen 5e and the moto 360 are android and apple compatible, and you can find them both at the amazon storefront link in the description below now. Both of these devices are non lte versions, which means that you can start a call from the watch, but you have to continue […]

Chromebook, Samsung Group laxy A02 Review – Why does this phone exist?

This is actually a lower version and supposed direct upgrade to the A01. Similarly, priced to the base model of the A02s and sports, a 28 nanometer processor. Yep, you heard right a 28 nanometer processor … Wait. Why does this device exist? What is up guys? My name is Izzi and welcome to the […]