Christian Eriksen, UEFA EURO 2020 The TSN Panel discusses Christian Eriksen collapsing on the Euro 2020 pitch.

We are seeing from copenhagen. Our thoughts and prayers are with christian erickson and his family there, and what was a celebration has turned into something that really puts life into perspective. Kevin yeah absolutely, and there isn’t too much more. That than we can actually say is other than our thoughts and prayers are […]

Christian Eriksen, UEFA EURO 2020 xamining Christian Eriksen's Frightening Collapse At Euro 2020 And The Swift Medical Response

Denmark’S christian episode, collapses late in the first half against finland receives cpr on the field. Now the good news is, the signs are positive. He’S recovering in hospital he’s, lucid he’s, conscious, he’s talking, but regardless craig these scenes are scenes. We’Ve seen a couple of times over the last number of years, um […]

Christian Eriksen, UEFA EURO 2020 M 2020: Christian Eriksen wird reanimiert und die Kameras halten voll drauf! ANSAGE AN DIE UEFA!

Pickel im gesicht sehen kann wie sie darunter schaut, wo freilich, seit zweifelt ein coup, wie ihr mann, oder ihr, lebensgefhrte, diallos, nackt, berlebt, kmpft man, ruhiger, sagt ja. Der kopf da oder was das. Kann man, eine satirische, hat sich, jetzt sehen das hat wirklich was zu gladiatorenkmpfen brot und spiele sag mal seid […]