Quantum computing, Operating system, Computing, China Best Linux Distros for Beginners

We will check out the best linux distro for beginners. You must have heard about ubuntu, no matter what it is, the most popular linux distribution overall, not just limited to servers, but also the most popular choice for linux desktops. It is easy to use, offers a good user experience and comes pre installed […]

Quantum computing, Operating system, Computing, China NAVY 103 | Analysis of Fleet Cyber Command | FY2020– 25 Strategic Plan

My name is neil mcdonald. Welcome to the govcon chamber of commerce, Music, okay, let’s get started in this learning series, i’ll be helping. You understand the navy and providing guidance on how you can do your homework. This series is designed for those small businesses already making revenue, not those of you just starting […]

Quantum computing, Operating system, Computing, China Beyond qubits: Next big step to scale up quantum computing

My channel also press bell icon for future video notifications. Thanks scientists and engineers at the university of sydney and microsoft corporation have opened the next chapter in quantum technology, with the invention of a single chip that can generate control signals for thousands of qubits the building blocks of quantum computers to realize the […]

Mars, Tianwen-1, China Greatest Mars Discoveries of the Past Year | Mars News

Certainly, the biggest story of the last year is the confirmation of liquid water on mars. In september of 2020, scientists confirmed three underground reservoirs or lakes around the south pole in the ultimate scopular region, although just barely liquid. This underground water is so salty that it keeps its liquid state even under the […]

Mars, Tianwen-1, China missions will make February 2021 the month of Mars

Today we are discussing about the mars missile which are landed on mars in 2021. These missions having importance because these missions are collecting information which are helpful to colonies. The people on the mars let’s started. The video first mission is march. 2020 is a mars rover mission by nasa mars exploration program that […]

Mars, Tianwen-1, China Why does China's Tianwen-1 go to Mars?

Our main mission is to launch a Martian satellite, the orbiter, to orbit Mars to land on Mars and roll out a rover drive and explore Mars. We have selected our landing sites It’s in the northern hemisphere of Mars, High latitude region used to be Martian ocean local terrain is relatively flat. We have […]

Sun, China, 2022, Solar flare, Earth, Space ship's Secret Tanker Problem & Why The Moon Is The Key To SpaceX's Mars Colony!

. It looks quite nice, of course, but there is a problem which SpaceX isn’t really telling you about., Namely that six refueling tankers will be needed to fill up just one single Starship with enough fuel to be able to land on the surface of Mars.. So for launching Elon’s famous 1000 Starships to […]