International Space Station, NASA, China Unstoppable China blasts 2 orbital launches in one day

The china, aerospace, science and technology corporation case successfully launched three communication technology test satellites atop the long march 2c yz 1s rocket from the duchenne satellite launch center in northwestern china. This was chinas 30th orbital launch of the year casc targets more than 40 space launches in 2021, the launch was carried out […]

International Space Station, NASA, China What The Next Space Station May Look Like

Liftoff of the Proton rocket and the Zarya control module.. The first segments of the International Space Station were launched in 1998. And since 2000 the ISS has continuously housed a rotating group of astronauts from 19 countries. At about 250 miles above the earth. The International Space Station occupies an area known as low […]

International Space Station, NASA, China s Huge Project to Beam Power From Space

A massive microwave emitter that will hang 23 000 miles up in the sky, heres, hoping that the giant microwave beam does not go off target and start frying miles of earths surface. Here are the details. The times reports that chinas government plans to launch a fleet of mile long solar panels into space […]

China, Microsoft Corporation, Cyberattack, Microsoft Exchange Server, Computer security HOW TO INVEST INTO CLOUD COMPUTING 🌨️ WITH SKYY ETF!

Let me introduce to you first trust cloud computing etf. Now this etf has done fantastically over the last five years. Over the last five years. It’S done 27 per annum, and if you compare that against sap 500, you have an excess gain of close to 11 more per year. Now, today, i’ll be […]

Extravehicular activity, Astronaut, Tiangong space station, Liu Boming, Space station, China wo Chinese Astronauts Walked Outside Their Space Station For Seven Hours

. Today we would like to talk about China’s second spacewalker General Liu Boming.. He is also China’s first general walking in the space.. Thirteen years ago, his teammate Zhai Zhigang became the first Chinese walking in space. Liu Boming handed him China’s national flag, but did not walk himself at that time. With half […]

DiDi, Initial public offering, China, Reuters, Uber Technologies Inc di IPO Analysis – The $67B Company Taking on Uber

Hailing companies with 493 million annual active users and is backed by a prominent set of investors, including tencent, alibaba, apple and uber themselves. Didi is set to go public at an estimated valuation between 62 and 67 billion dollars, making it one of the largest international company ipos on a u.s stock exchange like […]

Mars, Rover, China, Tianwen-1, China National Space Administration Back the First Sounds Ever Recorded on Mars's Surface!

Now the first sounds from the surface: have arrived on earth along with stunning images, if you, like, our videos, feel free to support us with a thumbs up, subscribe to simply space and stay tuned for more fascinating videos in the future Music mars mission procedure and goals. The perseverance rover’s mars mission is […]

Mars, Human mission to Mars, China, Human spaceflight Everything We Have Found On Mars So Far

Now, thanks to its similarities to early earth. To date, we have had no proof of past or present life on the red planet. Cumulative evidence suggests that during the ancient milwaukee and time period, the surface environment of mars had liquid water and may have been habitable for microorganisms, but that doesn’t necessarily mean […]

Mars, Human mission to Mars, China, Human spaceflight Freedom 7 Full Flight Animation

This is freedom. Seven, the fuel is go 1.2 g 7 at 14. Psi oxygen is go. Thank you. Freedom, seven is still good. This is seven, fuel is go 1.8 g, eight psi cabin and the oxygen is gon. Na cabin pressure is holding at 5.5 cabin holding at 5.5, i can understand, holding […]

Mars, Human mission to Mars, China, Human spaceflight Is Secretly Testing Super Powerful Ion Thruster

This program included plans for the creation of their own multi module fully manned orbital space station, as well as the construction of reusable space transport systems for manned flights to the moon. However, upon further investigation, the plans of the chinese turned out to be much more ambitious than originally anticipated. The achievements of […]