Project Management Professional, Certification 5 BEST FINTECH COURSES FOR A FINTECH CAREER

Some people are thinking of switching jobs and are considering joining fintechs and are also looking to find ways to prepare themselves for a career in the space. So i actually picked up this idea from my fellow youtuber martin zeman, where i decided to speak about five of the best courses to prepare you […]

Project Management Professional, Certification Interview Questions – Practice THESE questions | Project Management | Interview Prep

If that interests you in any way subscribe and join our ever growing network today, we’re kicking off a three part series for project management. Interview tips i’m, going to break it down into questions. You should be prepared to answer during a project management interview. These are questions that i either ask of interviewees […]

Project Management Professional, Certification Naga Sriraam cleared PMP with Above Target | How to clear PMP Exam with Above Target | PMP in 2021

You are who you are: okay, anand just cleared pmp. Like 10 minutes ago, ali have cleared cmc with above target. Congratulations: raheel on clearing your pmp in first attempt to clear pmp exam with five above target, the best thing that anyone can do. Second student in three days: five above target. I didn’t […]