Cell, Sea anemone, Anemone, Biology IKSC benjamin 2020 Q21 Q30

Now we are going to discuss question number 21 till end. Okay, first of all i will read the question. Then we will discuss answer one by one and we will find the most suitable option understood now, question 21 in order to reduce your frictional forces with the environment whenever we use this word […]

Cell, Sea anemone, Anemone, Biology 28 Part1

On this particular slide, so to start off, as we talked about invertebrates, what were meaning by this is these are animals that are going to lack a backbone. Typically, when we think about animals in our minds were visualizing vertebrates, so those are animals that have a backbone made up of vertebrae. These are […]

Cell, Sea anemone, Anemone, Biology QUICK LESSON FROM A MARINE BIOLOGIST (Intertidal Zonation Rockpooling Lesson)

Applause, so im out rock balling today and i came across this magnificent wall now i know i am very short. I am only five foot, but still this is a very interesting wall, because we can look at the amazingness of how the sea affects where species grow in just over five feet. So […]

Cell, Protein, Cell division, Research, Cell cycle Lecture 11 Mitosis and Meiosis

This semester is going pretty fast, even though we are online and never see each other in person. Our third set of material deals with reproduction we’re, going to start today with lecture number 11, which is an overview of the processes of mitosis and meiosis it’s important that you really know the outcome of […]

Cell, Protein, Cell division, Research, Cell cycle Day 15 Cell Cycle Investigation

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46. A 23 of those chromosomes come from your maternal mom side of your family and your other 23. Come from the paternal side or your father think about why our cells would want to organize our dna into chromosomes in a moment. We’Re going […]

Cell, Protein, Cell division, Research, Cell cycle Biology: 6. Cell Division | IBornot2B

Next up, i’ll talk about interphase or before that, i’ll briefly talk about the cell cycle as a whole and then move on to interphase, mitosis also including cytokinesis and lastly, cancer and the formation and creation of cancer, which is an example of faulty cell division. So yes, moving on to the dna, we […]

Regenerative medicine, Regeneration, Tissue, Cell, Skeletal muscle, Research ISSUE REGENERATION / STAGES OF WOUND HEALING IN ENGLISH.

So far we are discussing about the tissues, its types, everything. So it is the last topic that is the tissue regeneration. So when a tissue is being damaged or when it is being dead or worn out, so at that time something has to be replace the normal, the dead dead tissue or the […]

Regenerative medicine, Regeneration, Tissue, Cell, Skeletal muscle, Research UN 10X FASTER TACHYON SPEED TRAINING + DIETING~Part 4 | Running

I haven’t done a video on running for quite a long time because i’ve been kind of busy man, so i feel kind of bad that i haven’t done a video on running and i don’t know what happened to the sun here. The sun was out now the sun kind of disappeared. It was […]

Regenerative medicine, Regeneration, Tissue, Cell, Skeletal muscle, Research yon Shin "Skeletal Muscle Regeneration" Harvard Medical School

Maybe an u.s suffer from volumetric uh around 500 patients and you suffer from volumetric muscle loss and one of the interesting. I think in the description that you maybe mimic the muscle architecture and as well as you figuring out what be the growth parameters that you can. Maybe regenerate or maybe reinvent in […]

CRISPR, Genetics, Genetic engineering, Cell, Biology Human-Monkey Hybrid Embryo Was Just Created

This is mr singularity, where we explore the scientific and technological breakthroughs shaping the future. As we know it, this tells us all the elements of a scandal first mentioned by the spanish newspaper el pas first, is the widely regarded dr belmonte. A spanish born stem cell biologist renowned for his breakthroughs in anti […]