Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED – CDPR To Reveal The Future Plans of The Company! All New Updates!

This is very important to the company to, of course, cyberpunk 2077 and any other franchise they are going to be looking into creating or investing in also. This is important to yes, the witcher franchise, so we’re also going to be looking at another important topic here where in the world is patch 1.2 […]

Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED Is Cyberpunk 2077 STILL BROKEN? – Patch 1.2 Review

This has over 100 tiny changes to the game itself that are basically meant to try and just smooth out the experience. Now, please be aware, this is adding in no additional content. This will not be adding in any new characters, cars, crazy chaos or anything like that. This is simply trying to make […]

Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED d Just Dropped Cyberpunk 2077's BIGGEST Update Yet… – Patch 1.2 Details, 500+ Fixes!

Cyberpunk 2077 impression it’s a disheveled mess, but you can really see the potential in it. So i thought today it would be thematically on point that with cyberpunk 2077’s biggest update, yet i did not style my hair now before we get started. Ladies and gentlemen, i just want to put a reminder out […]

Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED, The Witcher – Big News Update! CDPR Just Revealed The Future of Cyberpunk, Witcher and CDPR!

They also go on to mention that they are going to be providing annual road maps from here on out and they’re, going to be changing up how they’re going to be doing their development process. They’Re reconsidering pursuing a standalone, cyberpunk, 2077 multiplayer game and instead focusing their efforts elsewhere. So this is some […]

Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED, The Witcher d Just Revealed A TON Of Big Changes – 2021 Roadmap, Cyberpunk Backlash, The Witcher 4!

Even i mean there’s a lot to go over earlier. This week we talked about the biggest update to land for cyberpunk 2077, pushing past 40 gigs i’ll have that linked in the description down below a full breakdown of that 500 plus changes, and later this week, we’re going to talk about dlc and […]

Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED, The Witcher veals Plans for Future Cyberpunk, Witcher Games – IGN Daily Fix

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