Minecraft, Cave, Java 1.17 New Caves Snapshot: Exploring New Cave Generation (Java 21w06a)

Please note: the snapshots show features in early development and that there are two notable cavites in this snapshot. You’Ll be unable to open old worlds in the snapshot as there isn’t currently no upgrade path towards the new world height. All caves of the new type between y31 and y63 will be flooded with […]

Minecraft, Cave, Java 1.17 – Snapshot 21w06a – New Cave Generation & Increased World Height!

He said, give you one big thing, because there is kees generation. Yes de nieuw, heeft dit, beestje nogal wat is hier. Zo lets get white leds first shades de logs be caught on. Why don’t know what all the setting sun het script niet. Zwanger is. If you like, minecraft up day, video’s like […]

Minecraft, Cave, Java 's New Cave Generation Is Crazy

This video brought to you by my birthday i’m in the last year of my 20s i’m, getting very old but hey. You can help this video out by checking out the like button down below it. Our other sponsor and all that good stuff anyway, you might say that on my birthday, they’ve ushered […]