Saturn, Cassini–Huygens, Jupiter Qu'a découvert Cassini de la NASA au cours de sa mission ?

Tels que lhydrogne et lhlium en regardant des images de saturne on pourrait croire que le corps cleste est entour dun seul anneau gigantesque en ralit il sagit dun systme danneaux, compose de centaines de millier danneaux individuel les anneaux eux mmes sont essentiellement constitue de blocs de roche. Et de glace ce jour, 80 […]

Saturn, Cassini–Huygens, Jupiter Ripples in Saturn’s rings reveals the gas giant’s ‘fuzzy’, 'sloshing' interior

Music, seismology or the science of earthquakes reveals a lot about our planet. The waves or ripples created by a shaking planet carries a lot of information, for example. Recently, a team of scientists from the oxford university in the uk found that using vibrations on the earths surface, they could locate elephant herds and […]

Saturn, Cassini–Huygens, Jupiter Astronomers Discovered Strange Signs of Life on a Saturn moon

Moon saturn is one of the largest planets in our solar system and its also one of the most unique it has more moons than any other planet at a whopping, 82 discovered so far, and there may be even more moons found in the future. One of the primary goals of almost every space […]