The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, Ace Attorney, Capcom, E3 Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – E3 2021 Trailer

Red may have been strong and skilled, but against the awesome power of nature he was merely a man. He never stood a chance all around things just kept getting worse, but i heard that guardian rather had survived and returned to hekolo island. I went there to see red’s old monster again then, of […]

Ace Attorney, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, Capcom, E3 Nintendo Switch BIG NEWS! Huge E3 2021 Schedule + My Plans & New Switch RPG CONFIMRED For The West!

Video and more today, we’ve got a bunch of great topics for you guys and, of course, the big show. E3 i’m gon na be breaking down the events and what i’m going to be streaming on this channel, but before we get into any of this, please make sure you hit that like button […]

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, Ace Attorney, Capcom, E3 Horário da Bandai Namco na E3 2021, Sega na PC Gaming Show, Capcom e Scarlet Nexus desmentido no XGP

No pique ela trar incluindo Monster Hunter Stories: dois e ainda Scarlet Nexus; no Game Pass: desmentido por, um dos responsveis da Bandai Ento temos, mais, algumas, informaes pr frente, para confirmar, coisa rpida, mas tem, coisas, importantes, claro, tem, um, primeira, conta, oficial da trs; no Twitter, divulgou, O calendrio completo da apresentao nessa […]

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, Ace Attorney, Capcom, E3 Fehlerhaftes Switch Update / Die E3 2021 startet! – Was wir wissen! – NerdNews

Ist ab sofort fr die playstation 5 verfgbar und bringt euch noch eine mission namens inter mischen mit und da spielt ihr nicht blichen charaktere sondern, juwi und ihren partner, sohn und gerade, juwi hat einiges, auf dem kasten, sind nahkampf sowie, fernkampf und ihr, habt noch, einige, neue, Gameplay mechaniken und auch noch einige […]

Capcom, E3, Resident Evil, 2021 My E3 2021 Predictions: Nintendo Direct, Capcom, & Square Enix!

I obviously thought it would be the perfect time for me to talk about what i hope to see announced over the course of the next week or so. And now, if you have been a subscriber of mine for the last few months, you may or may not be confused as to why i’m […]

Capcom, E3, Resident Evil, 2021 – My thoughts and more (i miei pensieri e altro) – (ITA-SUB ENG)

Lo sfondo il background dei miei video ma io non sono qui per parlare di questo in questo breve video porter, due comunicazioni pi, o meno importanti la prima che fare con l, tra, a partire dal 12 giugno le varie compagnie videoludica pi importanti faranno, diverse conferenze, dove Porteranno numerose novit trailer e via […]

Capcom, E3, Resident Evil, 2021 Schedule Revealed + AWESOME Game Coming to PS5 SOON?!

com. You can check out their copy of a windows. 10 pro oem global key, and you can use the promotional code. Skgc and you’ll save an additional 20 off their 20 price point. You can also check out uh software, such as office 2019, and you can use the promo code skgc once again […]

Resident Evil, Capcom, 2021 Is Facing ANOTHER Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

If you remember in early may i talked about how dutch director richard raphorst, i think, is how he’s a rap horse a rapping horse eric, nay. Well anyway, he claims and his evidence is really damning. Um. That capcom took way too much inspiration uh from his 2013 film frankenstein’s army here, are stills […]


J tem mais de 4 anos, a e, no final, daquele ano, a Capcom anunciou que teriam mais duas delcias, o Nokia, Heroes, e o End of Zoe, o jogo original Teve, sim alguns extras mas, no foram, deles e eles, so s extras mesmo, como, O Itamar se Dai tem tambm as fitas mas. […]

Resident Evil, Capcom, 2021 3 2021 Capcom – Que Juegos Veremos [Resident Evil 4 Remake, Pragmata, etc]

Estamos hoy aqu es el lunes 14 de junio, a las 22 30 horario de las islas canarias ya. Sabis que tengo un vdeo en el canal hablando de los horarios fechas y distintas conferencias que van a ver en este e3 2021 as que echarle un vistazo s. An no sabes pues algn horario […]