Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Player versus environment The MOST Explosive Build Ever? (Titan Builds)

A few titan builds this season and i went ahead and made two for this video one on ark and one on solar and before we get into today’s video round two of g field. Madness ends on thursday my code will be 30 off as long as we’re still in the tournament, and this […]

Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Player versus environment Auto Rifles Desperately Need a Damage Buff in PvE (Shadow Price)

Why? I just am not a fan of ars mpv right now, especially the 450 rpms. We made it to the round two of the g fuel madness tournament, and this round will last through thursday and once again, is based off code usage and will be the final round based off sales. So if […]

Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Player versus environment 12 Man Glitch WORKS EVERY TIME! 100% Consistent Strategy Raid Nightfall Strikes Farming | Destiny 2

It is a lot of fun and it’s a super fun way to earn loot and play with other people in your community. You can see some clips from me doing this on stream the other night. However, many people who have been trying to do this glitch since it released, are having struggles actually […]


I ragazzi stessi noi siamo qui signori in un nuovo video e signori in questo video vi, porto l’ultimo dollaro che non ha portati al 120 creativa minuto ottenibile tramite, giocare hazard, ragazzo fa schifo, a tutti per fatelo ultimo davvero che ho ottenuto con appunto colpo rapido, signori E come sapete pi sparate in […]

Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Raid, Player Why Ticuu's Divination is My NEW Favorite Exotic! (Destiny 2)

It is that good, so we’ll be breaking down exactly what this weapon does with the catalyst in this video, then we’ll also be comparing it to the trinity goal and seeing which bow is the best overall, before we get to the video make sure you use my Code, air on g4 or 30 […]


Soin de leurs employs en ces temps, difficiles d’autre part c’est, cette extension qui, va amener le jeu un point de non retour entre guillemets dans le sens o le ct narratif, va vraiment prendre son envol les vnements et les personnages du jeu auront tous un impact direct Sur le dlc d’aprs laques fol […]

Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Expansion pack How to get Destiny 2 Free on Xbox | Xbox One | Xbox One S | Xbox One X

If you guys want a specific game. You would go all the way up here, just going to search and type out your game. However, if you guys want to see a little bit more, what you could get then go ahead and follow this. Just go right into games and scroll down. You’Re gon […]

Destiny 2, Hotfix, Bungie Inc Movie?! BUNGIE announces new Investments! New Games and IP! Expands Studio and bigger HQ!

net, they have just announced a growth plan for 2021 and i figured i’d share. Some of the highlights of this particular article that might be of interest to you as a guardian of the destiny universe. So you’ll see that they’ve made key announcements around a studio, expansion, key talent, investments and new board […]

Destiny 2, Hotfix, Bungie Inc – SERIE & FILM DESTINY! New Quête, Projets de Bungie & Bannière de fer

Si ceux ci en vaut le coup ou non on a aussi une petite kate, durant, cette manire de faire, pour la rcompense j’imagine que c’est pour vous permettre de donner vos photos et donc, d’obtenir par la suite des arts bureaux, au lieu d’avoir, uniquement des armes, non Comme d’habitude avant de valider, la […]

Destiny 2, Hotfix, Bungie Inc ESTINY TV SHOW? Bungie Opens New Studio, Expands Team for Destiny And New IP!

A new international studio, distinct teams for various projects, publishing games at least one new ip before 2025, possible destiny, movies and other entertainment and tons more. So that was a mouthful but let’s dive right into this all right, everybody welcome back to the channel. I just finished a video on the glycon velatus […]