Brooklyn Heights Living in NYC in 2021 | Expectations vs. Reality (is it worth it?)

But i quickly realized within a short period of time, that living in the big apple is nothing like what i expected it to be. I thought that everyone was rich. Life would be like a movie and that everything was 15 minutes of each other. I also thought that new yorkers were rude and […]

Brooklyn Heights St. Francis Brooklyn vs LIU Women's Volleyball Highlights 2-2-21 Game 2

The battle of brooklyn. Here today on remsen street, they can replicate their success once again, quick to the middle that’s gonzales, but dug out nicely by scott and then tooled off the side of the block for carolina nova, good job to keep the ball alive after it goes up into the Rafters, Music […]

Brooklyn Heights THIS $1,400 NYC Apartment is a Jaw-Dropping Deal in Brooklyn

These may not be universally lovable, because they’re, cheap, but they’re definitely as affordable as it gets, and this might be the difference between getting your own place and living with roommates who steal your food, like i did to my roommates in college. Sorry guys let’s go see these apartments Music. Here we are […]