xQc, Twitch, Breakup Up – Why Xqc and Adepts Relationship Failed

Even xqc himself disagrees with it, but thats not really fair, when your relationship is public, its public, its open to discussion, whether that be compilations questions or even speculations, but at the same time, what im about to do its, not really speculation? I think speculation would be coming out and saying that one […]

xQc, Twitch, Breakup AdeptTheBest & xQc BREAK UP | xQc Responds to Adept Fall Out | Trainwreckstv on 400 Hours Streaming

We have a depth of the best with 450 000 followers on twitch, and you can find them mostly in the just chatting section or playing the grandfather 405.. Now, to downstream i ended up ending a stream early due to xqc being upset because xqc blamed her for not rescuing him in gtrp. Soon […]

xQc, Twitch, Breakup nd Adept Break Up, Streamers Setup Smashed By Intruder, H3h3 Pokimane – Twitch Drama/News #233

My name is thomas get right into the news, and we begin today with a home invasion that happened live this one comes from the russian streamer girl underscore underscore fighter who had her neighbor break into her house and destroy her setup. No idea what shes saying in the clip, but the article states, […]