Bravely Default, Nintendo, Boss II: BEST WAY to make INFINITE MONEY EARLY!!! AFK METHOD

I found here um that you can do. I would say, rather early in this game, um i’m about at the end of chapter one um. So with some prerequisites for to do this trick are um that you must have the gambling class. You can get this class from doing the sign quest um […]

Bravely Default, Nintendo, Boss 2 Adam Boss Fight in the Flying Fortress Chapter 4 (Boss Fight #16)

Does that feel better come and get it now you’ve made me Music want to see what i can really do. Yeah. Let me close Music leave it to me: Music Applause, Music phew. They must not have a moment to breed Music. I shall take care of this. Follow my lead. Everyone, Music, Music! […]

Bravely Default, Nintendo, Boss 2 – Castor Berserker Asterisk Boss [Low ~Level 12, Hard Difficulty]

There will be no need for that. I think i can manage a few escaped criminals pack, your highness, are you deaf, dramaded or simply stupid, but neither your highness. When will you learn to keep your mouth shut now, make yourself useful return to your chambers and add the following to the annals, the […]

Bravely Default, Boss 2 Bernard Boss Fight in Bernard's Mansion (Boss Fight #5)

The crystal is quite literally a money machine. No entrepreneur in their right mind would give up a golden goose like that there’s only one way, you’re getting it by prizing it from my cold dead. Nothing to worry about that was nothing right. Let’S see, let me add them: Music, okay, Music, prepare to […]

Bravely Default, Boss 2 – Selene and Dag Boss Fight

Her unto me. First, the crystal and please do not try anything foolish. Your precious princess will only suffer all the more come on gramps hand it over. Oh, very well, the princess gloria. By the light of the sun Music, the eyes go: go: go you! Okay, gloria it’s! You thank you. Yes, this […]

Bravely Default, Boss 2 – Horten Boss Fight

I don’t suppose you would all be so good as to spare me a moment of your time, Music. Prime minister. What are you doing all the way out here? I have come for the wind crystal your highness. Now. Would you be so good as to give it to me – surely not i’m […]