Web browser, Microsoft Edge, Brave ⚔ TUTORIAL ⚔ El navegador mas seguro

Para recibir las notificaciones cada vez que salga un vdeo nuevo bueno tambin quiero comentarles que estamos en la plataforma library, library, es una plataforma de vdeos descentralizada que a su vez recompensa si sos creador de contenido con un toque en propio y tambin tiene una versin web Que se llama o decir as […]

Web browser, Microsoft Edge, Brave A New Dawn In The Browser Wars – Goodbye Chrome & Hello Ghostery!

Today we are going to be taking a look at a brand new browser that is based on firefox. I didn’t even think it was possible anymore for a company to actually come out and not base their browser on chrome or chromium it. It just blew my mind that we have a big awesome […]

Web browser, Microsoft Edge, Brave UST HAVE Browser Extensions EVERYONE Should Have in 2021!

. The extensions i’m gon na talk about are available on both.., Firefox and Chromium based, browsers. Links to all of them can be found in the description.. So the first extension i use on a daily basis is the one you may already have installed and that is uBlock Origin. uBlock is like THE […]