Boulder, Mars, University of Colorado Boulder Perseverance: What makes a place on Mars interesting? (1/2)

We have a problem, but a mars rover is operating in a hazardous environment, 217 million kilometers away from any hope of maintenance or repair, and it has a limited time and capacity for collecting samples. So the question arises: how does perseverance decide whether something on mars is interesting, especially when it comes to […]

Boulder, Mars, University of Colorado Boulder The Rocket Companies Copying SpaceX & Elon Musk

The company’s still rapidly growing and has a lot of mind blowing projects in the works. It is very easy to almost think of the private space industry. As being limited to elon musk’s brainchild, but it is not, there are several space startups in the usa alone that could give spacex a run for […]

Boulder, Mars, University of Colorado Boulder AE's HOPE to Solve a Mystery Around Mars

Three different missions to the red planet were launched from three different countries in 2020: the us, china and the united arab emirates. You see there was a launch window in the summer of last year, where earth and mars were in an optimal position for spacecraft to arrive quickly and all of them by […]