Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox | Game Highlights | 8/18/21

The numbers 37 walks 131 strikeouts, proud into it. Early driven after right field, judge back track, wall, seal opposite field, home run for bogarts and its one. Nothing red sox and the 1 2 base hit left field. A bullet laid off single for stanton fly ball, shallow right coming on martinez, and he […]

Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox : Ballpark Tour & Red Sox vs. Yankees Game | Vlog

Well show you snippets from our tour as well as highlights from the red sox. First yankees game going to fenway park. Has always been on my bucket list, because i come from a long line of red sox fans, my father grandfather, great grandfather, growing up. My father would tell me stories about his […]

Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox Alex Cora: "That Was Embarrassing Today. That’s Not Acceptable.”| Postgame Interview 8-21

You know, um, you know five errors. We didnt run the base as well. We didnt put good at bats within pitch, and you know, like i think in this thing, you know its a its a its a team effort. It starts with us with the coaches to to to keep coaching, and you […]