Vaccine, Booster dose Fauci discusses need for vaccine booster shot

We wanted to know more about what this means a potential booster shot for the immuno compromise, but then, of course the question is: will this soon be possible for everyone else? I asked dr anthony fauci about that late today, dr fauci, thanks for joining us, obviously on a major night of news involving […]

Vaccine, Booster dose Dr. Scott Gottlieb on who would be first to get Covid vaccine boosters

The cdc still needs to sign off on the move its advisory committee will meet today, if approved. The third shots could begin immediately about three percent of americans have weakened immune systems. The fda acting administrator said. Other people who are fully vaccinated are adequately protected and do not need an additional dose of […]

Vaccine, Booster dose Third Covid Dose Isn't a Booster, Says Fmr. Biden Advisor

Dr ulster holmes, served earlier as president on president bidens covet task force. So dr ostrom, thank you for being back with us. Uh were taking a lot of talk about boosters right now to try to combat this delta variant uh. Will they be helpful and should they be given to more than just […]