Nerf, Supreme, Blaster i caught him stealing my iPhone 12.. (BIG MISTAKE)

Today, we are looking at people who are caught stealing these people went to an apple store and quickly stole tons of the iphones, macbooks and other apple products on display. However, the products on display are made to no longer work when they are taken away from the store and their locations are tracked. […]

Nerf, Supreme, Blaster 21 WEEK 19 Full Droplist retail and resell prices a nerf gun is gonna be good resell

This is horrible. Definitely don’t buy that liberty, lace, horrible, brick, bojos ss shirt, brick. This bajo thing is horrible. Um, this black one is horrible too the buffalo surfers. I get bro there’s like five times the dislikes than likes. Here we got the supreme surfers, uh psychic, tea yeah. That thing looks horrible. […]

Nerf, Supreme, Blaster UPREME NERF GUN WEEK 19 SS21 RESELL Full Droplist

I don’t know if you’re on 18 or 17 to be honest, but i do know that this week is a decent week. There’S. One item that i feel like is a banger this week and a lot of people have been waiting for and i actually am going to try to go for it. […]