Google Assistant, Bixby, Samsung Electronics, Mobile phone NUEVA ACTUALIZACIÓN PARA LOS GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE CON TIZEN 5.5 ONE UI WHATCH 2.0 BRUTAL!!!

Ms ms que recomendable ms que nada por el precio que se puede encontrar hoy en da que es alrededor de unos 120 euros s. Es verdad que yo el que estoy utilizando que es el que me regalaron con el, a 72 es justamente el de 40. Milmetros que consider que es un peln […]

Google Assistant, Bixby, Samsung Electronics, Mobile phone Virtual Assistant Sam | New Samsung Virtual Assistant SAM | What is Sam Virtual 3D?

Aside from that, though, the new renders look pretty good. Then we are not exactly sure if a company like samsung would go for unique art style. That light form has shown busy talking lately charming visual named sam, a 3d character, who heard him became a virtual assistant from samsung created by light form, […]

Google Assistant, Bixby, Samsung Electronics, Mobile phone How to use Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (and Galaxy Watch Active 2)!!

The upcoming galaxy watches from samsung will have google assistant and i’m not sure of the fade of bixby, but we might have that as well, since that buoyant of vos will be heavily modified by samsung and will be made to look like one ui. So we will get google assistant on that and […]

Google Assistant, Samsung Electronics, Bixby 4K TV for PS5 in 2021 ( Top 5 Best 4K TVs Reviewed )

We got you covered for more information on the products, i’ve included, links in the description box down below which are updated for the latest prices. Like this video comment and don’t forget to subscribe now, lets get started. On 5th place. We have the best 4k TV for PS5 with an OLED panel that […]

Google Assistant, Samsung Electronics, Bixby NEW Smart Home Gadgets in 2021 (Part 2)!

. I wanted to see if amazon could bring a rotating display to a smaller device and still keep their lower price point. So while we did get an improved, echo show 8 that maintained the same price point. We didn’t end up with a rotating display. What we did get is a 13 megapixel […]

Google Assistant, Samsung Electronics, Bixby Hidden Security Update Every Samsung Galaxy Owner Should Take ASAP (S21, Note 20, A71, etc)

It says security engine, updated, let’s, dive in and see exactly what this is and how to get it done on your phone, hey guys, soccer from saket tech and in today’s video i’m going to be showing you guys how to update the security engine of your samsung Galaxy smartphone and exactly what it […]