Mass Effect 2, BioWare, Commander Shepard A Simple Guide To Commander Shepard – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

You are a highly trained military maestro after all, i’ve got nothing more to say to you. If you shoot me my team’s right through there, how about goodbye, paragon and renegade are supposed to balance this out, but renegade is what you’ve just seen and paragon is the hard choice of insulting killing and […]

Mass Effect 2, BioWare, Commander Shepard ASS EFFECT LEGENDARY EDITION [Female Shepard meets Harkin] 4K 60FPS PS5

Yours, why don’t you sit your sweet little ass, downside old heart have a drink, see where this goes maybe later suit yourself princess. You know if more marines look like you, i might have joined the alliance instead of seasick harkin right, i was told you could help me find someone a turian c […]

Mass Effect 2, BioWare, Commander Shepard #47 – Mass Effect 2 [LP]: Ein Wiedersehen mit Liara

Ich habe ich gemerkt 60 trotzdem noch ein bisschen zu viel, fr beides ja, wir gehen gleich mal zu alternativer und gucken mal was noch nass haben kommt dass er folgen wir uns, erst wir, knnen ja, gleich sieht auch mal, hin, kaufen, das, braucht, dafr, nur, einen, vertrag Und eine verzichtserklrung mal wie sich […]


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Anthem, BioWare, Electronic Arts, Mass Effect d the future of Anthem | The Last of Us heading to HBO | An interview about Foregone and More

Last week, microsoft’s job board revealed that halo, 343 industries was looking for a producer for a project, and it specifically said it was looking for a producer for a project for a whole new halo game or something along those terms. However, this was just boilerplate language, which is layman’s terms for just standard […]

Anthem, BioWare, Electronic Arts, Mass Effect NTHEM is DEAD

Your mom. All of these are things that i’d rather be doing. Instead of standing here. Talking about anthem, Music, him eating that looks like us trying to play this game bioware. What is this explain yourself? You guys got like two things right here. You got some of the gun play right and the […]

Anthem, Electronic Arts, BioWare Self Censor Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

For this re release of mass effect now this re release has occurred course, the first three games in high definition and of course there are some aspects that people started to shout about and so i’m going to look at all the details, for you guys now. The first thing that i immediately notice […]

Anthem, Electronic Arts, BioWare Is Sexist, CENSORS Females In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

I talked about it in a previous video in case you want to hear my rant about that topic. It will be linked in the description, but censorship’s a worry for literally any game. Now we have seen so much censorship in the gaming industry over the past couple of years that i almost always […]

Anthem, Electronic Arts, BioWare verything You Need to Know – Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Bioware – EA 2021

Legendary edition stay Music tuned, Music, okay, so we’re going to start off with the biggest change the obvious one, the graphics overhaul bioware has referred to this as modernizing the experience. All three games now run in full 4k 60 frames per second and have hdr support. It’S. A massive jump up from the […]

Mass Effect, BioWare, Xbox One, Electronic Arts dromeda Walkthrough Settling Voeld – Mass Effect Andromeda Is Better With Mods In 2021

Um at the same weight point pretty much. We have a um, a rock to hit as well, which should help us get on our way to uh progressing that i can’t see any quest, markers or anything like that for the um, for the base was supposed to be converts concerned was just over […]