NASA, Organism, Biology, International Space Station Expedition 65 Education Inflight with Arkansas School for Math Science and Arts – August 18, 2021

This is houston acr. How do you hear me? We have you loud and clear. Please stand by for opening remarks. Good morning, im corey alderdice, director of the arkansas school for mathematics sciences and the arts located in hot springs national park, arkansas its the start of a new year at asmsa and were […]

NASA, Organism, Biology, International Space Station umbering In Space

Not getting enough rest can make a person more prone to infection, obesity, heart disease and a myriad of other serious health problems. With this in mind, how much sleep would you say you get per night? You may be able to wake up and get going after five or six hours, but is that […]

NASA, Organism, Biology, International Space Station What If There Was Life on Mars?

With each mission to Mars. We search for what might be the greatest discovery in recorded history. In the next hundred years. Could humans find evidence of life on Mars past or present? On July 30th, 2020 NASAs Perseverance rover launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Perseverance, nicknamed Percy landed on […]

Cell, Sea anemone, Anemone, Biology IKSC benjamin 2020 Q21 Q30

Now we are going to discuss question number 21 till end. Okay, first of all i will read the question. Then we will discuss answer one by one and we will find the most suitable option understood now, question 21 in order to reduce your frictional forces with the environment whenever we use this word […]

Cell, Sea anemone, Anemone, Biology 28 Part1

On this particular slide, so to start off, as we talked about invertebrates, what were meaning by this is these are animals that are going to lack a backbone. Typically, when we think about animals in our minds were visualizing vertebrates, so those are animals that have a backbone made up of vertebrae. These are […]

Cell, Sea anemone, Anemone, Biology QUICK LESSON FROM A MARINE BIOLOGIST (Intertidal Zonation Rockpooling Lesson)

Applause, so im out rock balling today and i came across this magnificent wall now i know i am very short. I am only five foot, but still this is a very interesting wall, because we can look at the amazingness of how the sea affects where species grow in just over five feet. So […]

Stem cell, University of Virginia, Biology, Tissue Organismo Vuelve a la Vida luego de 20 mil Años Congelado

Desde el centro de lanzamiento de jiuquan, la misin transport, a tres astronautas que trabajarn durante tres meses, a bordo del mdulo va a ser la estacin, espacial china, tianhe ellos son jeff hansen y liu weimin, quienes, ya, haban, volado, el espacio, antes y tan combo de quienes. Resulta ser su primer, vuelo espacial […]

Stem cell, University of Virginia, Biology, Tissue Class 6 Biology, Ch.3 (The cell) pg-32- 34 discussed.

Once again today i will discuss plastids. So look at your book. Plastids basically found in plant cell only so plastid plastic surplus medicine. These are present only in plant cells. These are special organelles that manufacture and store pigments. So different types of color, pigments, basically manufactured by plastids, they are bound by a […]

Evolution, Adaptation, Species, Biology, Climate variability and change 12th Biology Revision

We are revising the entire syllabus of 12th biology in the form of sample paper. Cbsc sample papers and that too, particularly for your batch 2021 batch already, we have solved, we have discussed, we have analyzed, we reflected on sample papers four, so one two four we have done in this session. We are […]

Evolution, Adaptation, Species, Biology, Climate variability and change PES Unit 9.10 Human Impacts on Biodiversity Part 2 of 2

We are going through section 9.10, the final section. This is actually going to be the final video, because i promised that every video in this uh unit would be less than 10 minutes, or so i think my greatest video was 12 13 minutes. So this will be the last video because we are […]