NVIDIA, Graphics processing unit, Graphics card, Best Buy ON'T Buy a Used Mining GPU! – $h!t Manufacturers Say

. It could be as much as 10 slower for each year its spent mining cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Dogecoin. At least thats. What the rumor that has been spreading ever since Palit Microsystems, a large manufacturer of GPUs, allegedly warned benchmark.pl about the supposed dangers of buying used, GPUs. But hold on a minute.. […]

NVIDIA, Graphics processing unit, Graphics card, Best Buy The Best and Worst GPUs Right Now

But i think now is like a really good time to take a step back. Take a look at all of the options out there, because there are quite a lot of them and kind of just evaluate which ones are good and which ones are not so good. But i think the most important […]

NVIDIA, Graphics processing unit, Graphics card, Best Buy How To Buy New Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards Fast!

In fact, i continue to be able to buy gpus in this environment. So a couple ground rules here, nothing has been scalped. All these cards were bought for personal use for myself or immediate friends or family number two. I do not use a bot. I have not spent any money on renting or […]

ARM architecture, Nvidia RTX, Ray tracing, Graphics processing unit, Video card, Best Buy How Apple will FIX Gaming with M1X MacBook Pros!

Even despite many windows, chip and laptop makers, including intel themselves, rushing in to make arm and risk five base chips of their own to compete with apple but there’s. One question left unanswered and i think this one is on the mind of many people out there. How will these upcoming m1x chips affect […]

Video card, Graphics processing unit, Best Buy Prices Lower! RTX ON

Why and when you can buy a graphics card at a reasonable price. Hi. Welcome to simply frank i’m frank, and i have seen the prices are going to get better and all the leading indicators are showing. The prices are going to get better, are falling into place i’m going to go over why […]

Video card, Graphics processing unit, Best Buy Is the R9 380 the best deal for a graphics card in 2021? GPU prices are changing!

But if you’re like me, i haven’t had the luxury of waiting until graphic cards. Finally, come back to a reasonable place, i’m sitting between boxes of equipment and a table full of motherboards and i’ve got stuff to do so. The question is: what graphic card have i been buying in 2021? Well, these […]

Video card, Graphics processing unit, Best Buy RX 6800 XT ! Getting a new generation GPU by simply walking into a Best Buy! Graphics Card MERC 319

So today i have had enough. I have lost all of those new egg shuffles, except for the one 30 70 auris, which you guys all probably subscribe through that i gave to my son, tired of it keep entering every day. Never get notified got a little different motivation today, one of my good […]

Best Buy, Independence Day LC is Here! GTA Online Exclusive Content

What we’re gon na be looking at is all of the exclusive content in the game. Right now that you guys got ta get because this is the only time right now that we can get this exclusive content. The first thing that we’re gon na be looking at is the liberator. Now this thing […]

Best Buy, Independence Day Trump MOCKS CNN’s Ratings IMPLOSION!!!

President trump mocks cnn’s ratings implosion, as well as the ratings collapse for the entire mainstream media. In this video, we take a look at the ratings, plunge that president trump is celebrating how the mainstream media has only themselves to blame, at least in part, for their ratings embarrassment, and why we can be […]


This is for gothian here, and it is july 4th that means independence day for those of us in the states and what i just thought. You know what better way to kind of kick it off let’s. Do a let’s buy let’s unlock some legendary commanders that we don’t have let’s, have some fun […]