The BEST 8K TV 2019 – Sony ZG9/ Z9G Master Series 8K HDR TV Review

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The TRUTH about China’s BIGGEST OLED TV Manufacturer

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CES 2019 – The Future of TV Screens – 8K and Transparent Displays !

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Sony Bravia XF90 Review – The BEST Mid-Range 4K HDR TV 2018 !

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Haier U55H7000 55 inch 4K LED TV – First Look & Special Deal For Europe

Watch our online video with 1st evaluation Haier U55H7000. That is actually 55 in 4K Ultra HD LED TV with Netflix pre-installed, Triple Tuner DVB T2 + C + S2 and also 2 year EU Native Warranty. Haier XShuai T370 Testimonial & Unboxing: Exclusive Bargains For Spain, Portugal as well as Germany: Rate: only 469 […]