Electronic Arts, DICE, Battlefield 1, Xbox One Luck or Skill? – Battlefield Top 10 Plays

What is up guys? My name is silk and welcome to episode three of the battlefield top 10.. The theme of today’s episode is the whole idea of luck versus skill, and i believe this concept applies to pretty much all battlefield clips now that intro clip by dalton freak is probably the perfect example […]

Electronic Arts, DICE, Battlefield 1, Xbox One ™ 1 GAMEPLAY | NO COMMENTRY | XBOX GAME PASS #1

Oh, we came from all over the world, so many of us thinking this war would be our right of passage. Our great adventure. Let me tell you it was no adventure, Music, uh, Music, oh Applause. Ah, oh Music, oh new killing machines like the tank changed the shape of the war overnight. Luckily, […]

Electronic Arts, DICE, Battlefield 1, Xbox One TTLEFIELD 1 PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 – Horse (BF1 Campaign)

You miss all the fun i’ve been looking at your papers. Don’T worry about me, sir i’m, ready to do my bit for king and country, listen son, you find forward and reverse when you’re told you’ll do all right for me. Grab those. Would you come and meet big bears. Women are your dreams […]