Ocean, Basalt, Volcano 19.2. Guy Lang – What determines the width of a volcanic margin? The Eastern North American Margin

It was recently published in jgr and uh. In this talk, i will mainly focus on the long strike variation in the in the width of the eastern north, american volcanic continental margin, uh and i’ll start with a short introduction. Um um often passive margins are divided into two end members. The the magmapur […]

Ocean, Basalt, Volcano The Active Volcano in India; Barren Island

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Ocean, Basalt, Volcano The Active Volcano in Alaska; Mount Redoubt

At the same time, 60 miles away a deadly lahar raced down a river on the western side of the cook inlet leading to damage at a local oil storage facility. What had just taken place was only the latest eruption in the lawn eruptive history of mount readout. This volcano is considered to be […]