Minecraft, Axolotl Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer | Reaction | Goat and Axolotl

This is part one of the update since uh people at mojang and the developers of minecraft mentioned before on their uh q. A i guess like session. I guess there was a meeting how they explained all the details and all the work and concept art of the minecraft of case and cliffs. They […]

Minecraft, Axolotl I Busted 1.17 Minecraft Myths..

17 is right around the corner and you guys seem to absolutely love these myth, busting videos. So i decided why not bust some minecraft 1.17 myths i’ve seen floating around from axolotls, actually being able to fight for you all the way to being able to craft amethyst tools and armor. Please consider subscribing […]

Minecraft, Axolotl I Found an AXOLOTL in the NEW Minecraft 1.7 Update!

Oh, oh, i know as er 10 fighters spider, sir walter brand new go apotheek in minecraft, die, mindere, kees, een, close up detail, wannahaves games en nieuw horse and not just go sanders. Awesome games en clips en uw staf want er sneeuw go to bedlam, excited woord. Testen moslim porn paralegal find you […]

Axolotl, Minecraft Bedrock ✅ 1.17 ✅ CAVE UPDATE ! GOAT,AXOLOTL +⚒️( Changelog ) XBOX,PS4,MCPE,WINDOWS,SWITCH

Hey there guys skippy here from skippy six gaming guys coming to you see that oh i made a nice weird uh coming to you from my beta world. It was my beta world and now it’s the regular world. We are going to uh yeah go over. All of the new things in the […]

Axolotl, Minecraft How to get every NEW item for minecraft 1.17

17 item from minecraft i’m going to start off with the amethyst geode amethyst geos naturally generate underground. They generate with three layers, so the smooth result – the calcite and also the block of amethyst, and also this block of amethyst – contains some budding amethyst. All these amethyst blood can be obtained for […]

Axolotl, Minecraft Everything About Axolotls in Minecraft (1.17+) | Easy Minecraft Mob Guide

17, and this guy’s also new, but we’re gon na talk about the axolotl this time, this guy right above me he spawned in here so well. I don’t think he spawned right in here. Let me show you what these guys do: where do they spawn this guy, probably most likely spawned in this […]

Axolotl, Minecraft 1.17 Pre-Release 3 Changes To Glow Squid & Axolotl Spawning!

We are now on pre release free for 1.17, and i thought that these pre releases wouldn’t be worth talking about this. One, though, has some pretty fundamental changes to goats, axolotls and glow squids things that players should probably know about. So it’s kind of unusual for them to make such big changes, but […]