Dinosaur, Australia, Dinosaur size Cooper the titanosaur is confirmed as Australia's biggest dinosaur.

When we talk about aussie dinosaurs, g’day mate. Here you going this isn’t what we mean meet cooper, the real aussie dino that’s got everybody talking right now, that’s enormous yep. This new species of saropod has just been officially announced, as the largest dinosaur ever found in australia. Australo titan cooperansis is its name. […]

Dinosaur, Australia, Dinosaur size Palaeontologist discusses Australia’s new dinosaur discovery

Now, where there’s, just a fantastic story, that’s been developing over many years behind the scenes it’s been but made public now it’s been made official in outback queensland. They have discovered a new dinosaur, it’s all been scientifically authenticated. Now it’s the largest dinosaur known on the australian continent. It is australo titan cooperansis, […]

Dinosaur, Australia, Dinosaur size Gravitas | Meet Cooper: Australia's Largest Dinosaur

Its fossil remains were discovered in australia way back in 2006, 15 years, and some painstaking research on australian paleontologists have finally revealed who this somebody was the largest dinosaur to have lived on the australian continent. It is also among the five largest dinosaurs to have ever lived on earth they’ve, nicknamed it cooper. […]

Australia, Mouse, Plague One Nation gender-neutral language ban passes Senate

One nation, senator malcolm roberts, put forward a motion during the week in the upper house, supported by the government. Good that says that terms such as wait for it chest. Feeding, lactating parent and birthing parent should not be allowed in government literature because such language distorts biological and relational descriptors, fantastic stuff joining […]

Australia, Mouse, Plague Series of natural disasters devastate mum and sons | Today Show Australia

That shed has now been completely flattened by the storms. Currently smashing new south wales leaving janet braden and logan without anywhere to live, they just might be australia’s most resilient family though, and they join us now from their motel in nambucca heads uh good morning to you. Thank you so much for being […]

Australia, Mouse, Plague NSW 2021

How many mice plagues, have you seen too many too many but it’s not over yet so why are you trapping them outside of the house? My plan is to put enough traps around the outside of the house that i can catch all the mice before they get into the ceiling of the house. […]

Sheep, Australia, Kilogram Bearded Collie. Pros and Cons, Price, How to choose, Facts, Care, History

Companion. Bearded Collies have an average weight of 18 27 kilograms. 40 60 lb. Males are around 5156 centimetres 2022 in tall at the withers, while females are around 5153 centimetres 2021 in tall. History.. The legend of the Bearded Collie’s origin is that the ancestors of what is today, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, were […]

Sheep, Australia, Kilogram The Best Dog Breeds For Young Families

How does one know which dog breed is best for your family? Perhaps you’ve got certain things to require into consideration sort of a small laban’s realm or allergies. Knowing which dog breeds are best suited to your family’s needs can really pay off within the long run, have a read of our top best […]

Sheep, Australia, Kilogram [My Reaction] Wild sheep rescued in Australia shorn of 35 kg fleece

So i wanted to just watch the video with y’all, so this is a sheep in australia that just basically, i guess never got shaved like what you see was. The title is wild sheep rescued in australia, shorn of 35 kilograms of fleece. So it was out there surviving on its own with nobody […]

Australia, Facebook, Media faces international criticism after tech giant blocks users from seeing news in Australia

Social media giant facebook has followed through on its threat. The country woke up today to find most australian news pages were just a blank space who runs the world global tech giants or governments. As we speak, a high stake bargaining war between facebook and the australian administration is raging over the future of […]