Audi, Porsche Taycan, Electric vehicle 2021 AUDI e-TRON GT Electric Vehicle: Ideas Start the Future World Premiere

Everyone welcome to electric vehicle showroom where we showcase new line of technology from various ev models of famous manufacturers around the world: Music, Music Applause, Music, Music. The forthcoming 2021 audi e tron gt as a bold looking electric car with ties to the porsche. Take in, in fact, the two stealthy four door: […]

Audi, Porsche Taycan, Electric vehicle 2021 Porsche Taycan RWD: A better EV value than Tesla

You see the porsche taikan we’ve driven many together on the show. It is a technological tour to force so much so it beat out the porsche 992 as the performance world car of the year in 2020, but that didn’t take into account the fact that the ticon turbo s is incredibly expensive, yet […]

Audi, Porsche Taycan, Electric vehicle first Audi Porsche? Powerful, beautiful and electric: Audi etron GT as RS version

It is very rare that we can see that a previous concept was basically one to one carried over to the final model. That’S what’s happened here and we can see this single frame grille but mostly closed, because the electric vehicles obviously do not need so much cooling still there’s, like an adaptive cooling […]