Tropical cyclone, Cyclone, Atlantic hurricane 2007 Hurricane Season (Animation)

Today we investigate the 2007 atlantic hurricane season, where 17 tropical depressions form 15 of those reached tropical storm status, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes. This season overall was significantly busier and more fatal than the previous season, with 478 total fatalities, and over 3 billion dollars in damages sit back and relax as […]

Tropical cyclone, Cyclone, Atlantic hurricane YCLONE 'ELOISE' downfall in Mozambique / Tropical Storm

I don’t know how it’s going to be and the news they said, it’s going to be really bad and really intense and it’s really going to hit mozambique’s coast, which is where we live. We live like 30 kilometers away from the coast, but yeah i’ll. Take you guys, along with me through today, […]

Tropical cyclone, Cyclone, Atlantic hurricane 2020 Alantic hurricane season 53 subscribers anniversary

I haven’t made hurricane videos in a while, so i mean i just wanted to do hurricane video after a while, so let’s get started. So this is the 2020 official atlantic hurricane season now let’s get into the video Music Music. Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music do so do Music Music. Thank you […]