Atlanta, GoFundMe Do My Subscribers Hate Me?

The end of 2020 was really kind of rough for me, so i did a bunch of pre film content and i never got to do the reaction. Video that i wanted there’s a 10 questions. 25 different people responded so we’re, just gon na go through them right. Quick, so the first question is: […]

Atlanta, GoFundMe Dude Who's Girl Went To All-Star Weekend Returns Home & Tries To Explain What She Did!

Oh okay, how was atlanta, it was bad aunt. Yeah was your all fine, yeah she’s good, so what’d you do. What do you mean? What i thought you went to my aunt, i know you went to see your arm, but what else you do – and i guess a oh nothing! Huh! Okay, […]

Atlanta, GoFundMe Yazz Thee Stallion Admits On IG That She Scammed GoFundMe Donors With Fake Story

So you have this. You know young woman and i’m gon na say i’m, not gon na, say a woman, i’m gon na say female, because she’s acting like one, this young female, had put up a gofundme stating that she was stuck in atlanta when she went to all star weekend. Her unemployment didn’t […]