Atelier, Koei Tecmo, Nintendo Switch Blue Reflection Second Light para PS4/Switch/PC, Sun para mobile/PC e anime em projeto crossmedia

No caso do game de console. Ele vai chamar Blue reflection, Thai para, PC, PS4 e interno, sute sendo, publicado, mais, uma, vez, pela, koei, tecmo e j confirmado que chegar, no ocidente, no precisa dental ser, Blue reflection; second, Light ou segunda luz em, PTBR, Possivelmente, eles, adaptar, esse, nome, pela, segunda, pra, galera, […]

Atelier, Koei Tecmo, Nintendo Switch Ryza – Episode 37: A Fishy Demand

First i’m, going to do is i’m going to um head down here. Pick up this thing down here: what’s, going on there, hello, whenever i um jump in no treasure map updated crimson grass, nice exo, fish Music. What goes where in terms of fishing Music? Yes, those wherever you’re going in this game, […]

Atelier, Koei Tecmo, Gust Co. Ltd., Nintendo Switch ONE OF MY TOP RPGS OF 2021 HANDS DOWN IS ATELIER RYZA 2!

um. I just finished this game pretty much an hour ago and it still fresh in my mind. I just kind of really want to talk about it, because this was a lot of fun. This this game was a lot of fun and uh right out the gate, i got to say visually, how […]

Atelier, Koei Tecmo, Gust Co. Ltd., Nintendo Switch Ryza – Episode 38: Bait and Switch

Shall we anything new going on uh treasure info i’ve got the uh treasure bear Music we’re, a cave Music. We got access to that yet Music and crimson forest northern thought fork Music. I don’t have no one fork yet either Music island garden, Music loads of quest up here, there’s no credibility, i […]