ʻOumuamua, Pluto, Solar System, Earth, Asteroid, Comet : Alien spaceship or comet? Study sheds light on interstellar visitor's ( Science News )

I see origin umumua has fascinated astronomers ever since it entered the solar system five years ago, because at first glance the comet or asteroid seemed to defy all expectations. Many theories were put forward to explain its origin, including claims it is an alien spaceship, but a new study may have figured out once […]

ʻOumuamua, Pluto, Solar System, Earth, Asteroid, Comet Interstellares Objekt Oumuamua – Wissen wir nun endlich was es war?

Jahr 2017 entdeckt wurde, konnte man, ber einen, bestimmten zeitraum hinweg die licht, kurve, genau, untersuchen das heit, also wasser reflektiert, dieses objekt, an licht also sonnenlicht trifft auf die oberflche wird reflektiert wir knnen sehen was kann man, daraus schliessen und damals war, schon klar, dass, um ua. In teilen was die: licht kurve, […]

ʻOumuamua, Pluto, Solar System, Earth, Asteroid, Comet first interstellar visitor "Oumuamua"

This is the first thing we ever saw. That was not part of our solar system. There are a few things about umura that would you know the specific object that were unexpected and unusual. So initially people thought that it was this very long like cigar shaped object. So when we saw it, people […]

Asteroid, Earth, (231937) 2001 FO32 photographed before Earth close approach – monster rock is 1,700m wide

Asteroid 231937 2001 fo 32 will shoot by earth on march 21st at about one kilometer wide. The asteroid will be the largest to come close to earth this year when it swings by at about 7.5 million kilometers from earth and as the asteroid makes its close approach. The virtual telescope project, based in […]

Asteroid, Earth, (231937) 2001 FO32 maior que o Apophis se aproxima da Terra

Lo que no es necesariamente peligroso los objetos potencialmente peligrosos son los asteroides, o cometas que se acercan a la Tierra en 75 millones de km y, an deben superar los 140 metros. Observaciones recientes en longitudes de onda infrarrojas muestran que el fO32 de 2001 tiene un dimetro Menor, a un kilmetro mejorando los […]

Asteroid, Earth, (231937) 2001 FO32 Will Safely Pass by Earth March 21, 2021

F, o 32. It is a near earth asteroid and it is going to make the closest approach in astronomical terms like 1.25 million miles to the earth, and it safely passes the earth on march 21st. In few days we know the path of this asteroid around the sun accurately. It is orbiting every […]


Quando no incio de 2020 novas observaes obtidas pelo telescpio Subaru, Elo chamada, acelerao e ar covisque no apfis, o efeito de Arcoverde que uma fora que age, sobre, um, corpo, em, rotao, no espao, este, fenmeno, ocorre devido, a uma fora; exercida sobre, um, objeto devido, a uma Radiao termal no uniforme neste caso […]

Asteroid, Earth, 99942 Apophis Will Asteroid Apophis Hit Earth – Are We Safe From Apophis Asteroid?

Apophis will be passing earth this week for the last time until 2029. Have you heard of it? Will asteroid apophis hit earth let’s talk about this in this video asteroid apophis the space rock that some scientists say has a slim chance of reaching earth as expected to approach our planet closely. This week, […]


This is teachmarqui you for this video i’m going to show you the answers in your activity, which is about asteroids, comets and meteors. So let us now begin question number one. What will happen if a comet gets closer to the sun, a comet? Will the correct answer is form a tail made of […]

Dinosaur, Comet, Solar System, Asteroid New Chicxulub Theory | Comet That Wiped Out Dinosaurs

This new theory explains the possible origin of the chiksy lobe impactor. It was tens of miles wide and forever changed history when it crashed into earth. About 66 million years ago, the chick fil a impactor as it is known, left behind a crater off the coast of mexico that spans 93 miles and […]